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Posted by Nancy Haywood on

Children. Some say they are a gift from heaven. And yes, kids are great… and there are times when they are not so great. I have 2. They are both in their teens. They couldn’t be more different, but one thing they have in common is their awesome humor. However, they are both wise-asses and sarcastic. I know my husband and I are to blame for these personality traits. Touché, Karma, touché.

With all of us stuck at home with our little treasures, you might be looking for things to do with them. Here are a few web sites that may help you keep them occupied (and your sanity in check!)

For Little Ones:
- PBS.org - Great website with some interactive play. 
- Khanacademy.org - They make learning fun for the younger kids. 
- ABCmouse.com - Online games and puzzles. 
-Nickjr.com - Online learning games.

For Middle/High School:
- Khanacademy.org - Can't go wrong with Khan. They have so many resources.
- Stossel in the Classroom (https://stosselintheclassroom.org) - I really like John Stossel. Watch the videos with your kids and you will be amazed at the awesome discussions you will have!
- The Great Courses (thegreatcourses.com) - This is not a free, but worth taking a look at all of the awesome classes offered.
- Maryland Science Center (
https://www.mdsci.org/lets-science-together/) - They offer some experiments that can be done at home. Also check out their FaceBook page for online events.

Even though this is such an uncertain time, we are fortunate enough to have the internet and the ability to have so many resources at our fingertips. 

So with that said, here’s to the kiddos in our lives! (You should have a big drink right about now. Really, go get it! If it's too early, have a mimosa. OJ is technically a fruit and champagne comes from grapes. There you go!) Let’s be grateful for very beautiful moment we have with them. Ever since becoming a parent (and aunt) I have never felt more happy, crazy, bewildered, furious, love, and amazed. It’s all good. It’s all good. I am truly blessed and grateful. (I need a refill. Laters!)


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