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Ready to be a Rockstar?

Posted by Nancy Haywood on

Don’t worry! You don’t have to have musical talent. I’m talking about being the Rockstar Shopper & Gift-Giver! It all started with trying to find something to give my mom for her birthday. What to give the person that seems to have it all, right? I wanted to give her something special and uniquely for her. One thing I know she loves more than anything are her grandkids. Since I couldn’t pack them up and ship them to her, I did the next best thing. I uploaded a picture of her grandkids to be created into a pendant and the result was spectacular! Not only was the quality amazing, but her reaction was PRICELESS.


She says she only takes it off for showers. She loves it so much she cannot stop looking at it and showing it to all her friends (and anyone who comes her way!).

Now that’s what I call a successful gift. Ya see why you’d be a Rockstar Shopper & Gift-Giver with this little beauty!

The pendant and necklace are available in both silver or gold. This gift can be made even more special by adding an engraved message to the back of the pendant. You can find this precious pendant on our store at: https://peaceandgratitude.com/collections/custom-jewelry/products/circle-pendant-custom-personalized-design

Who cares if you can't play an instrument, or carry a tune. You're on your way to becoming The Rockstar Shopper & Gift-Giver!

Your fellow Rocker,

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