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Have You Ever Seen One of These?

Posted by Nancy Haywood on

During one of my daily walks, I came across this book sharing box. I have seen these before, but never in my neck of the woods. I think these are a great idea. When my husband and I sailed around in our sailboat for a year, we came across book sharing libraries at marinas. Cruisers could leave books that they were done with and pick up some new ones. I remember one of the first things we looked for when we arrived at a new port was the marina library. Seeing this book sharing box in a neighborhood made me smile and it gives a sense of community. I know it may sound weird and maybe I’m looking more into it than what it is, but I felt like people were looking out for others. They are thinking about how other people may benefit from something that they have no more use for. Books for me have always been an important outlet. You can loose yourself or find yourself in books. Endless wealth of knowledge hide behind many pages. The Little Free Library site (www.littlefreelibrary.org) is where this box came from. On this site they offer box kits, books and other accessories. Even if you don’t get a kit from here, maybe you can start a sharing library of your own in your area. You never know what a positive impact that might make in a person’s life. You may never witness the impact, but be sure that someone will benefit. 


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