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I Am Everything Affirmation Cards


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Let's be real, negative self-talk sucks. Still, like with any bad habit, with practice, you can make major improvements. I Am Everything Affirmation Cards will help you quiet the noise and focus on what makes you feel good.

30 Beautiful & Positive Affirmation Cards. Carry them everywhere because one spark of good feeling is enough to create an incredible day.

“I am" is the most powerful phrase you can speak because what follows "I am" defines who you are in the moment. So strive every day to reaffirm how incredible you are. And, allow I AM Everything™ Affirmation Cards to be tools that remind you or your loved ones of those amazing qualities. These affirmation cards are capable of doing just that as the messages are extremely heartfelt and positive.

Ways To Use This Affirmation Cards Deck
✷ Shuffle the deck and draw one card and read it aloud to yourself every morning to start your day.
✷ Use them as needed by shuffling the deck and pulling a card in the moment.
✷ Use them as daily affirmation cards.
✷ Or, use them as affirmation oracle cards by including them in your spiritual readings for a fuller message.

Who Are These Affirmation Cards The Best For?
Everyone! However, they make excellent affirmation cards for teenagers and adults as some of the words require an intermediate vocabulary.
✷ Teenagers
✷ Adults