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Share your goodness!

Posted by Nancy Haywood on

One day while looking in the mirror, I thought, “Wow! I’m not aging too badly!” For days I was thinking that I was freaking Peter Pan’s sister. Getting better with age. I was feeling G-O-O-D! Then my husband replaced the two light bulbs that had burned out above the mirror. I had not noticed that these two bulbs had burned out. What a rude awakening! So, turns out I am not related to Peter Pan or am the doppelganger of any supermodel. I am just me. While I will never be the woman that people will take a second look at because of unspeakable beauty (they might take a second look because I tripped fantastically into a room), I know that I can offer something else to my fellow peeps. I can offer them a smile, a kind word, or an unselfish act.

These are things that we all can do. It doesn’t require money, doesn’t require good looks. Smelling nice might help, but anybody can do it and help make life a little better. 

This is needed now more than ever. I know we can't gather, but a phone call is a great way to show people you care. A video call would even be better! Have a video call happy hour! Just stay connected and pass on a smile or words of encouragement. We have an abundance of love in our souls, it would be a crime not to share it. 

Happy Saturday! I wish all of you the greatest day yet! Sending all of you loads of love & hugs! Pass it on. 


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