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I am OK

Posted by Nancy Haywood on

People keep asking me, “How are you doing during all of this?” I keep saying that I’m OK and I really don’t feel any different. Just taking one day at a time, which is true, but I may be cracking a bit. For one thing, I put the dirty laundry in the dryer - before it was washed - and proceeded to add OxyClean (LOVE THAT STUFF!). Thank goodness I realized what I had done before I pressed the start button.
Then I just spent a considerable amount of time teaching my daughter how to close a zip-lock bag. For some reason, she cannot close it correctly - EVER. I keep telling her to listen for the clickity-clickity sounds as you run your fingers across - oddly so satisfying. Am I right?
Before that I hid myself in the pantry stuffing my face into a family size bag of Salt & Vinegar chips. Jumping at the sound of approaching footsteps, I carefully and quietly closed (yeah, like you can quietly close a bag of chips!) the bag and hid it behind my slow cooker.
Now I am going to demolish my kids in a game of Monopoly! Yup, turning out to be a great Sunday. Nope not cracking at all.
Sending love to you all! Let's keep taking it one day at a time!


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