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Crazy Uncertain Times!

Posted by Nancy Haywood on

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Wow! What a crazy time! With school closings and people being told to work from home if possible, these are definitely some uncertain and nerve-racking times. Regardless of where you are in this mess, let’s remember to keep our heads and common sense. Yes, do a little stocking up shopping, wash you hands A LOT more, be mindful of where you are aiming your cough/sneeze (cover your mouth, please). We should all have some provisions anyway as a rule for any unforeseen circumstances. 

While we are taking care of ourselves and our families, don’t forget to be kind to that stranger. Don’t go knocking someone over the head over the last roll of toilet paper. It’s only going to last so long anyway. Maybe to help calm your nerves, practice some meditation. Here is a short guide to meditation from Barry Boyce that may help you. Meditation has been scientifically shown to help with reducing stress, control anxiety, improve sleep and promote happier, calmer feelings. All of this can help with your overall health. Before you go out of your mind with worry, turn off the TV and give this a try. Please. Love to you all! 

  1. Settle into your seat. Begin by taking a seat, or if necessary, standing. The important thing is to feel where your body is touching the seat and touching the ground.
  2. Scan the body. Sense where your bottom is touching the seat. Sit up straight or stand straight but not stiff. Make sure your feet are completely touching the ground, connecting you to the earth. Your eyes are open, so take in the surroundings of where you are. Lower your gaze slightly.
  3. Connect with the breath. Pay light attention to your breath as it goes out. Breathe in naturally.
  4. Follow the out-breath. At the end of each out-breath, let there be a gap while the in-breath is happening. And in that gap you have natural awareness: It’s there already, you don’t have to create it. So, follow the breath out, and take a moment to rest in your natural awareness before the in-breath. As thoughts arise, treat them as you would anything else you encounter: Notice them, and use that noticing to bring you back to the out-breath.

Do you do anything else to calm yourself when you feel the crazy coming on? Please do not hesitate to share with us. Keep safe and hope to see you here again soon!


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