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Being the Light

Posted by Nancy Haywood on

Good Monday, y'all! There has been a lot of depressing news lately. I have resorted to not watching or listening to the news. I was becoming anxious and feeling like I had no control over anything that was going on. We may not have control of how the current events are playing out, but we do have total control of how we choose to handle it. 

First off, turn off the dang TV. Read encouraging messages and stories. Listen to your favorite music. Spend time with people that add to your richness and you to theirs. Spend time in nature. Recharge yourself spiritually. 

Let's work on being part of the good today. We can be the light to one another. The littlest and simplest acts of kindness, even to ourselves, can have major effects. 

So go on my peeps. Spread the good!


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